Conservatives Take Yellowhead In Landslide


November 17, 2014 at 8:42 pm - Home, Local News
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Soon after the polls closed Monday, the question went from “who will win the federal by-election?” to “how much will the Conservatives win by?”.

It’s as close to a first round TKO as you can get, as Jim Egliniski and the Conservatives had 80 percent of the vote after the first polls came in.  It would equal out a bit more as the rest of the ballots filtered in.

The new Member of Parliament for Yellowhead talks about heading to Ottawa.

In 2011, the New Democrats came in second place but that wasn’t the story on Monday, as the Liberals (Ryan Maguhn) made a huge jump in the Tory stronghold.  They went from just shy of three percent in the last federal election, to in the area of 20 percent, thanks in large part to a visit by Leader Justin Trudeau at the beginning of November.

The last time the Liberal Party finished this strong in the riding, was in 2004, under candidate Peter Crossley.

The NDP fell down a spot in the standings, finishing in third.  Dean Williams, who was running as an independent, finished in fourth with roughly four percent of the vote.

Rounding out the parties, Cory Lystang and the Libertarians came in last with nearly three percent of the vote.

Perhaps most surprising, was the number of voters who went to the polls Monday.  Of the 78,481 eligible voters, only 12,601 showed up, which is a little more than 16 percent.  In 2011, more than 56 percent of voters cast a ballot.



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