Donations Fund Repairs for Fallen Four Memorial

The Fallen Four Memorial in Mayerthorpe will be getting much-needed upgrades, thanks to generous donations from Alberta’s policing community this month.

The memorial was built in 2008 and honours Constable Peter Schiemann, Constable Anthony Gordon, Constable Leo Johnston, and Constable Brock Myrol, the four Mounties who were killed outside of Mayerthorpe in 2005.

The base of the memorial has been deteriorating over the last few years. The site’s paving stones and the plinths holding up each bronze statue are cracked and have come up from the ground, needing to be replaced.

Colette McKillop with the Fallen Four Memorial Society started a Go-Fund-Me page in September of last year, with a goal to raise $17,000 for repair work. However, only about $800 was raised by the start of April.

That’s when, McKillop says, they got some help with the initiative from RCMP members from across the province.

With more than $26,000 available now for the project, McKillop says they can use the extra funds to make the site more aesthetically pleasing by using better materials than originally planned.

McKillop says they have talked with the contractor and he is now going over the project again to make changes, factoring in the larger budget. She says the society is happy that they can preserve the integrity of the memorial site that means so much to the community.

The project will get underway as soon as possible and is expected to be completed by this summer.


Scott Safety Centre Expansion Project Gets Higher Budget Approved, Contract Awarded

Whitecourt Town Council this week heard an update on the Scott Safety Centre expansion project.

Last October, Council entered into a Renovation Contribution Agreement with the Stark Sports Society to share in the cost of constructing a dressing room for the Whitecourt Wolverines.

On Monday, Council heard that Requests for Proposals were sent out for the building construction, and upon coming back, the overall budget for the project is now higher than originally anticipated, from $650,000 to $800,000.

Mayor Maryann Chichak explains the increase and Council’s decision to amend the agreement.

The new budget means both the Town and Stark Sports Society will cost-share the project, contributing $400,000 each. Whitecourt will front the total costs, and Stark Sports will reimburse the town their portion on a payment schedule over 6.5 years.

Council also awarded the design-build contract to Edmonton-based company Brenex Building Corporation.

Work is expected to start on the arena as soon as possible and be completed in the near future, given the time crunch in place since the Scott Safety Centre is needed for events such as Whitecourt’s Trade Fair over Mothers Day weekend.

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