Candidates Forum Sees Packed Crowd At Whitecourt Legion


October 6, 2017 at 7:06 am - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

The municipal candidates forum was held last night at the Royal Canadian Legion.

The forum started with school board trustees, then gave way to the Woodlands County council candidates and the Whitecourt Council candidates.

Mayoral candidates Maryann Chichak and Darlene Chartrand were the last to address residents.  Both Chichak and Chartrand, as well as council members expressed the importance of having the community be more involved in decision making and having open communication.

Maryann Chichak spoke about the importance of growing the economy over the next four years.

Candidates spoke about the economy, taxes, community involvement and working on growing local businesses.

That’s where Darlene Chartrand weighs in.

A large portion of the forum was organized and civil, however there were a few outbursts from the floor during questions and responses to Chad Merrifield and John Burrows, Division Two council candidates for Woodlands County.  It focused on the County’s use of in-camera motions and the Whitecourt Woodlands Airport.

Jonas Boll interjects during a response from one of the County Council candidates.

Advanced voting day is October 11th, while the Senior’s Circle in Whitecourt will host voters again on October 16th.



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