Want To Open A Pot Shop; Here Are The Details


February 16, 2018 at 10:20 am - Home, Local News
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Just minutes ago, the Alberta Government announced the rules and regulations surrounding who can and can’t own cannabis stores when the product becomes legalized this summer.

Here’s a summary, with more details and reaction to be added throughout the day.

Who Can Open a Private Retail Store?

All license applicants will undergo stringent, mandatory background checks, including:

– Criminal record check
– Business history
– Tax and financial information

• No licenses will be issued to anyone with links to organized crime, or with a history of drug trafficking
– Minor cannabis possession conviction will not automatically disqualify an applicant
– Licenses will need to be renewed annually
– Mandatory background checks will be required every 1 to 3 years

• No single person, business or organization can have more than 15% of retail licenses across the province
– Allows for a level playing field for large and small business
– Government review of system in the future

Who Can Work in a Private Retail Store?

• The AGLC will maintain a database of Qualified Cannabis Employees
• Qualified employees will be:
• At least 18 years of age,
• Have taken mandatory training, and
• Passed criminal background check
• Retailers will only be able to hire Qualified Workers

Where Can Retail Stores be Located?

• Stores cannot be built within 100 meters from schools or hospitals
– 100 meter buffer is about one city block
– Will help keep cannabis out of the hands of children and protect public health
– Municipalities can add additional buffers, including between stores

How Will Retail Stores Operate?

• Stores will only be able to open between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m.
– Same as hours for liquor stores
– Municipalities can further limit hours

• Limit of 30 grams per transaction
– Applies to both retail stores and online

• Mandatory security measures:
– Alarms, video surveillance and secured product storage
– Product can only be displayed in a locked display case and accessed by retail workers when store is open
– No use or consumption onsite
– Approved smell/viewing containers will be permitted

AGLC Licensing Process

• Application forms for cannabis retail licenses will be posted today for viewing on
• Retailers can submit their applications starting March 6; the AGLC will begin work on background checks
• Completed applications must include a $400 application fee and $700 first year licensing fee
• Applicants must submit criminal background check consent, detailed financial information and $3,000 deposit (cost recovery for due diligence process)
• Before a license will be issued, applicants will require municipal approval or a business license



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