Whitecourt Fire Department Celebrates 60 Years at Awards Night


October 22, 2018 at 2:16 pm - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

The Whitecourt Fire Department celebrated 60 years at their annual awards night, Saturday, October 20th.

The event, which took place at St. Joesph’s Parish Hall, recognized members of the department both past and present with many alumni in attendance.

Firefighter Sheri Pritchard won both Rookie of the Year and the Pete Heck Award.

The inaugural Larry Lopes Memorial Fire Prevention Award winner is Fire Prevention’s Bob Bell.

Officer of the Year is Firefighter Taya Green, and Firefighter of the Year is Jessica Fritzke.

A number of members also received service awards for their years with the department.

10 Year Service Awards went to Lieutenant BJ Davis, Senior Firefighter Jerry Adam, Senior Firefighter Johnley Camposano, and Senior Firefighter Natalie Watson.

A 20 Year Service Award was given to Captain Rory Boon, while Chief Brian Wynn received a 25 Year Service Award and Fire Prevention’s Bob Bell received a 30 year¬†Service Award.

Department members were also given certificates for completion of courses.

1021 Certificates were given to Lieutenant Ellis Miller, Deputy Chief Wayne Andrusiak, and Deputy Chief Aaron Floyd.

1041 Level 1 Certificates were presented to Firefighter Denis Beaudoin and Firefighter Garret Wardley.

1041 Level 2 Certificates were given to Deputy Chief Wayne Andrusiak, Lieutenant Taya Green, Senior Firefighter Chris Keay, and Senior Firefighter Johnley Camposano.

Firefighter Harvey Lentz and Captain Roger Humby were both recognized for retiring from the department this year.



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