Holy Redeemer Junior B-Ball Teams Medal in Tournament


January 21, 2019 at 9:45 am - Home, Local News, Local Sports
By Erika Chorostil

The Holy Redeemer Junior B Boys basketball team played in an extremely competitive tournament in Edson on the weekend of January 19th.

The Rebels squad won the final game in dramatic fashion by a score of 33-30 and brought home the gold medal.

“This group of boys show real promise for the future of our Basketball Program,” says HRH Athletic Director Julie Rothwell. “We hope more good things are in store for them as the season progresses.”

After playing some great basketball games, the Holy Redeemer Junior B Girls basketball team won the silver medal at the tournament.

The medal comes on the heels of the Junior A Girls gold medal last weekend.

“Our Girls Basketball Program continues to improve and win some very competitive tournaments,” says HRH Athletic Director Julie Rothwell. “So long as this team continues to work hard we are confident that this medal is the first of many more to come this season.”



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