Yellowhead County Adopts 2019 Municipal Budget


May 15, 2019 at 10:31 am - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

Yellowhead County Council this week adopted their 2019 Municipal Budget and Tax Rate Bylaw.

Yellowhead County has retained the same municipal tax rate from the previous year so the county’s property owners, businesses, and industry will not see an increase in the municipal government tax rate when they receive their tax notice this spring. There will be an increase in the school requisition and seniors requisition rate.

The total municipal budget comes in at $156 million and includes a $41.5 million allotment for county operations.

There are many capital projects included, with a capital budget of $55.9 million; $14.6 million for Parks and Recreation, $1.5 million for Fire and Protective Services, and $35.7 million for road connectivity and rehabilitation projects.

Notable capital projects include the development of the Yellowhead County-Edson Recreation Complex, the Brule Community Hall, the county-wide trails system, and the paving and lot improvement for the Wildwood Rodeo Grounds and Recreation Complex.

The county’s Fire and Protective Services Department will focus on building two new communications towers and a training facility and will seek to acquire a new water tanker and sprinkler trailers.

The Infrastructure Services Department will focus on numerous road renovations and builds this year including the Obed CN Crossing, Robb Lift Station, Swanson Road, Baseline Road, Long Lake Road, and Robb’s 53 Ave.

A number of overlays will also be constructed, including the Carrot Creek Loop West, Niton North Road, Wildwood Old HWY, Rochfort Road, and Reno Road. As well, a decorative street lighting project will be underway this year.

At-a-glance, the Yellowhead County 2019 budget is as follows:
• Operations: $41,511,865
• Contributions to local government: $12,164,140
• School requisition: $23,423,074
• Seniors housing requisition: $4,116,201
• Designated industrial requisition: $620,457
• Contributions to reserves: $2,809,526
• Capital projects: $55,901,372
• Amortization (non-cash items): $15,408,520

Total: $155,955,155.

A complete breakdown with even more projects set for development in the upcoming fiscal year can be found on Yellowhead County’s website.



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