Woodlands County Releases Cost-Share Contribution Numbers


July 5, 2019 at 2:54 pm - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

In a continued effort for more transparency between Woodlands County and its residents, the County has released a document showing a breakdown of Woodlands’ contribution to the intermunicpal cost-sharing agreement in the 2018 budget.

In the agreement, Woodlands County contributes money to fire services, police protection, FCSS and common services, the cemetery, economic development, recreation services, the library, and revenue sharing. The document also shows the Town of Whitecourt’s revenue share.

Woodlands County Mayor Ron Govenlock says they want people to understand the numbers as the Town and County negotiate a new agreement.

The information being shared by Woodlands to residents and business owners will focus on facts and details about the County, its commitments and the various programs, services, and sites that Woodlands County has to offer.

In 2018, the County’s contribution to the cost-sharing was $3,078,053, which Govenlock says increases more each year. He says they remain open to making a new agreement that will be fair and equitable to both sides going forward.

The cost-share breakdown for Woodlands County’s portion of the intermunicipal cost-sharing agreement in place with the Town of Whitecourt. (via Woodlands County)



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