Woodlands County Reviews Pay Policy for Firefighters


February 7, 2020 at 1:31 pm - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

Woodlands County Council this week discussed a review done by Administration of the rates of pay for firefighters in the County.

Administration consulted with the County Fire Chiefs from Fort Assiniboine, Blue Ridge, and Goose Lake, and reviewed the 2019 fire department budget, recommending changes to rates of pay. In 2019 with the new rates of pay, Council approved an increase in honorarium to the fire department positions allowed for additional duties to be paid.

Administration is recommending proposed changes to the rates of pay to determine a performance measure result-oriented compensation for additional work.

Mayor John Burrows says that it means they are looking at changing remuneration for firefighters to a point system rather than just based on hours worked.

With a point-based system, members of the fire department will be paid for attending practices, incidents, and if they hold a department position. Members will also be renumerated for additional department and administrative duties on a point earned system. Points will then be tracked for each individual and submitted at the end of the year for payment.

The idea with the new rate policy was that Council would allocate an annual budget to be determined based on efficiencies, budget alignment, and departmental duties being achieved, with payment made in the proceeding annual budget.

After Administration presented the new proposed rate of pay policy, however, Council did not approve it. Mayor Burrows says that Council has asked Adminstration to come back with a method that will be “more fair” all around.




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