Road bans to start in Woodlands County


March 27, 2020 at 1:06 pm - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

Starting on Monday, March 30th, there will be road bans in Woodlands County.

Vehicle Axle Weight Restrictions are effective as of 8 am on Monday under Bylaw 159/03.

Road bans are weight restrictions that reduce the maximum weight allowed on any carrying axle of a truck or trailer by the percentage specified. They do not apply to standard passenger vehicles.

The County says restrictions are to reduce the amount of damage to County roads during spring break-up when moisture-filled pavement and soils are susceptible to damage from heavily-weighted vehicles. This minimizes the amount of repair and repaving needed to maintain a high road standard.

Gravel surfaced roads will have percentage axle weights of 75%, pavement 100%, and cold-mix surfaced roads will have 50% axle weights.

Range Road 45, Township road 620A east of RR 55, and Township Road 615 Carlson Drive will have axle weights of 75%.

The gravel-surfaced Whitecourt Airport will have a 75% restriction, while the ANC Service Road will have 100%.



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