2019 collision numbers in Whitecourt similar to 2018


June 25, 2020 at 10:09 am - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

Vehicle collisions in the Town of Whitecourt last year were similar to 2018 numbers.

That’s the overall result found in the 2019 Collision Report presented to Council this week.

The report, which is completed annually through numbers from the RCMP, shows that traffic in the community is down by approximately 3% from 2018.

There was a slight increase in collisions along town controlled streets and intersections and a decrease in private parking lots and along highway corridors.

In total, there were 231 reported collisions in 2019, just one less than in 2018. There were 36 collisions along the Highway 43 corridor (16% of total 2019 collisions), 49 collisions at Town intersections (21% of total 2019 collisions), 108 collisions on Town streets (47% of total 2019 collisions), and 38 collisions on private properties/parking lots (16% of total 2019 collisions).

Mayor Maryann Chichak says there were a few problem spots that stood out.

As Mayor Chichak noted, there were a number of collisions at the intersection of Highways 43 and 32. According to the report, there were 11 collisions reported at the location in 2019, which was higher than the average two to four collisions in previous years. The traffic lights there were installed in 2018.

The report found that the average number of monthly collisions in 2019 was 19; with the highest month being January with 32 collisions. These numbers are comparable to 2018 where the average was 19 at which time the peak month was November with 30 collisions.

The RCMP classifies collisions into four main categories: fatality; injury; property damage over $2,000; and property damage under $2,000. The data collected continues to show that the majority of collisions in the community fall into the damage over $2000 category, with 213 in 2019 as outlined in the table below.

The lone collision fatality last year came when a pedestrian was fatally struck and killed at the intersection of Highway 43 and 51 Street in June 2019.

The most frequent type of collision was from people backing up into things, with a total of 59 in 2019, followed by hit-and-runs at 49, as outlined in the table below.

The full 2019 Collision Report will be forwarded to the Protective Services Committee as information and then sent to Alberta Transportation for further review.




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