Local faces and scenery in movie as filming wraps up


August 28, 2020 at 12:39 pm - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

It was a little late getting underway due to COVID-19, but filming has almost wrapped up on a movie that has shot scenes in and around Whitecourt this summer.

Writer, director, and producer Tim McKort of Edmonton-based A Little Late Films and Western Directives Inc., first came to the Whitecourt area over a year ago, where he says the open space and surrounding landscapes were the perfect backdrops for his ninth feature film, “Spearphishing.” He immediately got support to film in the area from representatives from Woodlands County and Whitecourt.

Filming was set to start at the beginning of June, however, due to COVID-19 things were delayed. Following Stage Two of Alberta’s Relaunch Plan on June 12th, and seeing that there were little to no active cases in filming locations, McKort gave the green light for filming to get underway in late June. He said things have gone smoothly, noting that much of filming has been done outside so it was easy for the cast and crew to social distance.

Those who watch “Spearphishing” will notice many scenes in the film, as the movie was shot in local places such as Hard Luck Canyon, Whitecourt, Woodlands County, Sangudo, and Mayerthorpe. There will also be many familiar faces, with 90 percent of the actors and crew members from the local area, something McKort felt strongly about from the start of production. He spent time in Whitecourt last summer holding public meet and greets and information sessions hoping to find local talent for the movie.

Filming is set to wrap up in the first week of September, with McKort saying the final day will be spent shooting at the Mayerthorpe arena on September 5th. The director says over the course of production, the entire experience has been a positive one with lots of support.

“Spearphishing” is a political action-thriller that deals with internet hacking. McKort explains that the main plot focuses on a police officer who notices that a group of Russians move into the area and they are involved with hacking and other “nefarious” activities including election interference. McKort says the movie has a lot of action and drama and that it is not for children, being more suited for those over age the age of 16.

The director says they will most likely release a teaser trailer for the movie in September and then it is set to premiere next summer. McKort says he will be doing a red-carpet premiere of the film at the Vista Theatre in Whitecourt for everyone to be a part of.

With filming almost done, McKort is reaching out to local businesses or residents for last-minute sponsorships. The movie will be released internationally and he says it is a great opportunity to be part of the film. With the window closing shortly, McKort says anyone interested can contact him directly at



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