Whitecourt adopts Twenty Year Capital and Major Maintenance Plan


October 2, 2020 at 11:17 am - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

The Town of Whitecourt adopted its Twenty Year Capital and Major Maintenance Plan this week at Council.

The plan provides a vision for the long term development and maintenance of infrastructure, land development, parks and trails, buildings, and recreational and cultural facilities to meet the needs of the growing community over time.

For the 20-year period, the Twenty Year Capital and Major Maintenance Plan totals $201,082,903 for projects, and that money is funded through a variety of ways other than just taxation, as Mayor Maryann Chichak explains.

Funding for the plan includes sources such grants, developer contributions, offsite levies, debt financing, taxation, and reserves.

In a cost breakdown provided by Administration, 52% of the Plan is funded through grants, 24.2% through non-tax reserve contributions, 17.8% from reserves funded through operating budget contribution, and 5.2% from other sources.

For the year 2020, several initiatives are underway or will be undertaken that will provide information for Council consideration to update the plan and identify strategies for funding.

Some of these initiatives include the following:
• Continuing to develop building/facility major maintenance plans (Forest Interpretive Centre, RCMP Station, Curling Rink, Rotary Park, and Graham Acres have been completed and will be included in the 2021 Capital and Major Maintenance Plan for Council review);
• Development of the surveillance and park fencing replacement plans;
• Annual review of utility rates to ensure water and sewer sustainability that includes changes from the proposed utility bylaw and asset management plan;
• Continue the development of a resource plan for the Town’s North Flats Annexation Area;
• An update to reflect Council’s priorities for the revised 2016 Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan recommendations;
• Completion of the Municipal Design Standards review;
• Completion of the funding strategy and implementation plan for downtown streetscape vitalization and Highway 43 beautification plan;
• Update of the Pavement Overlay program based on the 2020 Pavement Management Model to ensure information remains current;
• Completion of the Sidewalk and Trail Inspection;
• Completion of the Dahl Drive Curbs and Gutters Erosion Control Engineering Study;
• Negotiation of the Inter-Municipal Cost Share Agreement;
• Completion of the Regional Business Feasibility Park Study;
• Completion of a study for future Cemetery expansion and columbarium garden site;
• Completion of the Geothermal Feasibility Study for the region;
• Completion of the Ad Hoc Waste and Recycling Services review regarding collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste and recycling;
• Completion of the Flood Mitigation Study;
• Energy Conservation Scoping Audit and Engineering Study projects;
• Annual review and update of the Offsite Levy Projects

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