GYPSD allocating federal funding for online school supports, staffing, and custodial costs


October 9, 2020 at 9:48 am - Home, Local News
By Erika Chorostil

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division has revealed how they will be spending funds allocated to them through federal grant funding to help during the pandemic.

GYPSD Board Chair, Brenda Rosadiuk, shared a message with staff, students, parents, and stakeholders this week about where allocated funding will go this school year.

The letter reads as follows:

A Message from the Board Chair

October 5, 2020

RE: Allocation of Federal Funds in GYPSD

Dear Staff, Students, Families, and Stakeholders;

At the September 23, 2020, Public Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees for Grande Yellowhead Public School Division (GYPSD) discussed how the Division will allocate its share of the $262.8 million the province received from The Government of Canada in its commitment to support a safe school re-entry across the country. The province distributed most of the federal funds through a per-student grant. Our Division will receive $1.57 million, which is 2.5 percent of GYPSD’s operating budget. The first half of the funds were received in September, and the second half of the funds will be coming later in the school year.

We will allocate the federal funds to address increased costs in staffing, resources, and supports for students learning at home, and enhanced cleaning requirements.

To help address the needs of students, our Division will be hiring additional online teaching supports to help with the delivery of at-home learning. This will include the hiring of French teachers to support French language development for French Immersion students. A portion of the federal funding will also be applied to the development of online lesson plans and resources to support students in Grades 1- 9. Additionally, sick time for certificated and non-certificated school staff will be covered centrally for illnesses that exceed three days.

With the federal funding announcement, the Division will centrally manage and supply all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitization, and cleaning supplies for the entire school year. The Division will reimburse schools for any already identified COVID related expenses that were spent over the summer in preparation to get schools ready for re-entry.

We will also allocate federal funds to support extra custodial staff to clean and sanitize Division schools during the day and to ensure that buses have the proper cleaning and disinfectant procedures to minimize any exposure to COVID during transportation.

I want to share our Board’s appreciation for the additional federal funds and acknowledge the impact that the COVID 19 pandemic has had on GYPSD. I want to applaud our school and Division leaders for moving quickly over the summer to ensure learn-at-home options for our families and for your diligence in implementing the safety protocols. Our first priority is student learning and ensuring safe environments for our students and employees. These additional funds will help keep as many of our resources focused on our classrooms – both in school and online – and student learning as possible.


Brenda Rosadiuk
Board Chair
Grande Yellowhead Public Schools

Cc: Board of Trustees
Carolyn Lewis, Superintendent of Schools

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